Local and regional authorities: secure live voting for decisions and elections

Votebox enables secure votes and elections at your local council meetings.

The votebox solution enables you to prepare votes and elections very easily and quickly, saves you time-consuming counting and enables a transparent and legally secure display and logging of the voting results. Votebox consists of a voting software, voting devices for in-person-voters and a WebApp for online-voters. At hybrid sessions, voting devices and WebApp can easily be combined.

Which authorities are already using votebox?

In recent years, votebox has established itself as the standard and market leader among electronic voting systems in the largest French cities, local and regional councils. Since the beginning of the Corona crisis in April 2020, many French cities have been allowed or had to switch from in-person to online meetings. votebox successfully accompanied them with this changeover.

In Germany, too, Votebox is getting used by a growing number of local councils.