Homeowner associations: live voting by annual general meetings

Votebox ensures the smooth running of your annual general meetings.

The General Assembly is a key moment in the life of homeowner associations. A large number of decisions to be voted on in a minimum of allotted time. A dangerous exercise even for the most experienced.

You want to optimize the time and simplify the voting process: registration of owners, counting of votes, management of home owner shares and proxies, generation of meeting minutes in accordance with the law…

For more than 20 years our team has been devoted to develop voting solutions and offer efficient tools to its customers. With our electronic voting solution for homeowner association meetings, you are ready to cope with the challenges of your general meetings and the decisions to be taken there.

vote en ligne copropriété

What are the features of votebox?

Configuration of owners

  • Import of the list of owners from MS-Excel or manual input
  • Owner shares
  • Owner subgroups
  • Proxies and instructions

Configuration of voting items and rules

  • Import of the list of voting items from MS-Excel or manual input
  • Public/secret ballot
  • Majority
    • Simple majority
    • Absolute majority
    • Double qualified majority
    • Unanimity
  • Voting exclusions

Controling votes

  • Update of voting items possible at any time during the meeting
  • Opening and closing of votes
  • Realtime display of voting results: values and percentages considering shares, majority rules and proxies

Print of Meeting minutes:

  • fully automated generation of the meeting minutes
  • including each decision on the agenda and result of the vote.
  • It mentions the names of the co-owners who opposed the decision and their number of votes as well as the reservations made by the opposing co-owners.
  • Available in Excel and PDF